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Learn more about the professionalism & values that make iTradeDigital thrive in the world of trade. 


Our Mission: To Lead the transition to digital documentation in international trade.

Digital vs paper transactions provides the benefits of fast, less complex, less costly transactions.  Time for payment can be reduced from 24 days to 4 hours.
On 1 January 2023, a team of trade experts in Southern California launched the (now, a website making possible the free digital completion of trade documents, all in compliance with the 2021 International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions (ICC URDTT) for trade finance and commercial transactions. This effort is dedicated to the memory of the man who inspired its creation, the late Matt Andersen, Director of the San Diego U.S. Department of Commerce (1998-2022). It is sponsored by the San Diego & Imperial District Export Council (SDIDEC), which Matt helped found and which shares this vision. Because of ICC URDTT rules, the inspiration of Matt Andersen and the dedication of a group of volunteers, no cost automated digital trade transactions following universally accepted rules and guidelines is now a reality. For a nominal fee, by coupling documents on iTrade Digital DIY with the global internet, video conferencing, document sharing, and making available expert advice as needed, a much-needed option is provided to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in 200 countries, to participate in global commerce at a small fraction of the cost, time and burden of cumbersome paper documentation.

San Diego Imperial District Export Council (SDIDEC)

The SDIDEC is a 25-plus member council of international trade veterans and experts, who are appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. The Council and its members provide, on a volunteer basis, local leadership on international trade matters to the 3.5 million people of San Diego and Imperial County in Southern California. Using its unique relationship with the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Commercial Service, the SDIDEC promotes trade through advocacy, counseling, education, community outreach and by working with local trade organizations.

Document Management Assistance

Documents Management Assistance is where you find professional trade experts available to assist with the completion of paperless trade as needed by you, the user. The process is easy. All documents needed for a digital transaction are completed during a conference call between buyer and seller, with redundant information self-populated on up to 30 cloud-shared documents most commonly used in trade transactions. These cloud-shared trade transaction documents are generated on cloud-based software.  Document Management Assistance is intended for common use between importers, exporters, freight forwarders, logistic carriers and service providers.  Document Management Assistance is managed as a cooperative with individuals contributing their time and expertise to enable trade for everyone. The assisted site is accessible only to subscribing members.

Trade Management Specialists

Professional trade experts who have completed the iTrade Digital document management training as Transaction Management Specialists (TMS) qualified to assist with managing iTrade Digital transactions online. There is no requirement to use a TMS. TMS are neither employees nor agents of ITrade Digital. They are professionals who have agreed to offer their services directly to you the user, at a significantly reduced fee. They are referenced here for the benefit of anyone needing assistance with completing a trade transaction digitally. Users should undertake their own due diligence to determine which TMS is suitable for their specific international trade transaction.

iTrade Digital DIY

iTrade Digital DIY’s mission is to make available cost-free trade documentation preparation for everyone, everywhere. The objective is to become the global standard for lower cost trade documentation through an ICC eRules compliant platform using digital-interactive, cloud-shared, jointly-prepared trade document generation with a common business method and face-to-face communications using video conferencing. ITrade Digital DIY is intended for common use between importers, exporters, freight forwarders, logistic carriers and service providers. The site is open source and there is no cost to access or use the ITrade Digital DIY workspace to prepare digital trade documents.